Debris Removal

Once the storm is over getting the debris cleared is a major priority. Timberline is prepared to provide debris removal services from mobilization to project completion. In April 2011, Alabama was devastated by one of the worst outbreaks of tornadic activity in US history. Timberline responded to help remove the debris left in its wake. Timberline and its team played an important role in the removal of that debris. The Jefferson County recovery mission moved over 1.2 million cubic yards of debris in under 60 days.

Timberline has built a strong alliance with private entities, local governments, prime contractors, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. We have the personnel and equipment to mobilize within 72 hours across the country. Our resources and network of contractors allows us to be ready to respond quickly in any disaster situation.

Emergency Housing

Since 2007, Timberline has installed more temporary housing units (THU’s) in response to domestic disasters than any other company. Our past performance includes working with local governments, IA-TAC contractors, international relief firms, private entities, and directly with FEMA in order to get people in their homes as quickly as possible. We have experience in performing in response to disasters caused by flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

Timberline’s extensive experience in transportation, installation, maintenance, and deactivation of THU’s has allowed us to develop and refine field and office operations in order to provide unmatched services. Timberline maintains its own “in-house” crews giving us the ability to react quickly and efficiently when called upon. In addition, Timberline has long standing relationships with trusted partners which enable us to increase our resources and performance capacity quickly when required.