Modular Housing

TCG is a full-service, turn-key, modular building supplier, transporter, and installer that offers a variety of Commercial Modular Buildings. Our staff members are committed to working hand-in-hand with our clients to provide the buildings that best fit our client’s desires. Our Products includes temporary and permanent building for the following usage.

Work-Force Housing


Timberline offers a wide variety of facility options for remote site housing camps. Our “turn-key” leasing services include the construction, maintenance, and operation of our camps.

Our process starts with an interview that allows us to gather information about your needs. Once we understand your objectives, we assemble the housing solution that tailors your operational and financial demands.

From completely staffed kitchen facilities, ready to feed hundreds, to multi complex housing quarters – we can meet whatever your housing needs may be.


For the clients who are interested in purchasing housing facilities, we can provide the product, as well as assist with the overall housing camp design. Timberline services can include facility construction, maintenance, and/or operation or a combination of these services.

Disaster Housing

A major part of Timberlines business is disaster response, so we understand that situations arise where our clients need lodging accommodations quickly. In order to provide these accommodations as rapidly and seamless as possible, We offer our clients the option to enter into a preposition contract with Timberline to provide housing. This assures our client, whenever they need housing facilities; we are prepared and ready to provide our product. Contact with us today, to be prepared for tomorrow.

Educational Buildings

Timberline is committed to following you, wherever you go. Our products and services can be provided throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Our slogan says it all… we are truly committed to providing our clients whatever housing arrangement they need, whenever they need it, wherever they need it.