Hurricane Florence (DR-4393) – FEMA Housing Maintenance and Deactivation

Disaster Response

Project Summary

Through collaborative efforts with FEMA from December 2018 to present, Timberline Construction Group successfully controlled approximately 1,020 active Manufactured Housing Units and Travel Trailers through routine maintenance, adverse-weather preparations, and deactivation of units on-site. Some of the key accomplishments of this project have been:

• Successfully maintained and deactivated over 1,000 Manufactured Houses and Travel Trailers
• Identified, removed and replaced all defective pre-installed thermostats to approximately 300 units
• Reviewed and assisted in accurate data collection for units with incomplete details
• Conducted routine preventive maintenance on every active unit every 25-35 days
• Fast response to adverse-weather conditions, requiring installation, operational setup, routine replenishment, and removal of Propane tanks and heating units for more than 700 units.

Project Details

Client: FEMA
Contract Value: > $14 million
Location: State of North Carolina
Scope of Work: Installation, Maintenance, and Deactivation of Manufactured Houses and Travel Trailers.
Classification: Disaster Response
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